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The primary objective of Church on the Move Bible Studies is to learn (or as we like to say, to Know God). We believe you’re not just a consumer of theology — you have something to contribute! Whether you're a new believer, a long-time follower of Christ, or just curious to learn more, COTM Bible Studies are designed to help you discover who Jesus is by diving into our sacred text.

Each study
includes an active,
transformative online
equipped with
study guides,
group reflection,
and teaching.

Acts Square

Current Study

Acts - You Will Receive Power

Spanning about 30 years, the book of Acts brilliantly traces the spread of Christianity from Jerusalem to Rome, inviting us into the lived experiences of people transformed by the story of Jesus’ resurrection and the Spirit’s outpouring. We believe these action-packed narratives have the power to change us, to reshape our imaginations, to offer new values and a sense of meaning to our own stories. Acts brings deep, whole-bible informed convictions, and here-and-now Holy Spirit inspired leadings. Together, we will discover what it means to live as a church community shaped by Jesus’ story in the 21st century.

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