Grow Stronger in Faith

During COTMU, we’ll spend our time examining Scripture, studying history of doctrine in the church, and learning how to appropriately discern and critique today’s cultural moments. We’ll also consider together how Jesus invites us all into a life on mission, while gaining first-hand ministry experience through the Internship.

Enrollment will open June 1, 2022

Fall Semester: August-December 2022

Spring Semester: January-May 2023

Must meet minimum requirements.

$999 Per Person

Payment Information Here

Local Housing Not Available

What you will learn

During the program, we will spend a significant amount of time in Scripture (Christian Story) examining God as He has revealed Himself. We will also study the fundamental doctrines (Christian Belief) believers have held throughout the history of the church to appropriately discern and critique our current cultural moment.

How you will grow

COTMU is a one-year (32 week) immersive discipleship program designed to equip students for ministry and marketplace impact as 21st century disciples of Jesus.

What to expect

As with our Internship, expect to be challenged! Typical class sessions that include robust cohort discussion, lecture, and formation exercises.

Questions & Answers

General Questions

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Are there opportunities to play a role in the Service Experience?
Are Missions part of COTMU?
How is tuition structured in COTMU?
Are COTMU students required to participate in the Internship Program?